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Savoy 6

In addition to an underground floor, the renovated historical building of Savoy 6 also offers its tenants six above-ground floors containing a main reception and elevator.

At present, this building has no direct access to the underground Carlton Garage but, despite that, its strategic position guarantees its tenants all the advantages associated with the location – availability of services of Carlton Hotel, restaurants, the shopping arcade and advantageous parking.


Savoy Offices are housed by four buildings with different layouts. This ideal space for business is supplemented with conference rooms and quality administrative and hotel services. Easy accessibility with both individual and public municipal transport, connection to the highway bypassing the city and a fast road connection with Vienna, Prague and Budapest belong to the unique advantages of Savoy Offices.


Floor plans

Poschodie m2
Office space total: 2 058,85
Podzemné podlažie 287.26
Prízemie 269.78
1. poschodie 252.98
2. poschodie 253.14
3. poschodie 254.13
4. poschodie 256.13
5. poschodie 249.48
6. poschodie 235.95


Both maximum comfort and top services are typical for Savoy Offices. Their technical disposition offers the utmost flexibility and thus meets even the most demanding requirements for functionality and operation.

  • 16,000 m2 of office premises;
  • 420 parking lots in two underground garages
  • Reception and security service;
  • Selected hotel services (cleaning, laundry, tenant’s paymaster) available to all tenants.
  • Card-based entry system supported by CCTV camera system;
  • Opening windows, natural light and ventilation, indoor blinds, suspended acoustical tile ceiling with mounted lighting
  • Interior design as a standard part of provided services;
  • Circuit system of heating and air-conditioning consisting of four-way air-conditioning units and a central ventilation system
  • Independent electricity, water, and heat (central heating) consumption meters
  • Optic fibre, Back-up diesel generator
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