The newest of the four Savoy Offices @ the Carlton buildings. The history of 2A began to develop in 1999 together with the overall reconstruction of the hotel Carlton Radisson Blu. The building was assigned an Energy Certificate B – low energy building, on the basis of satisfying the necessary requirements.

Savoy 2A has 7 above-ground floors available. The building offers unique office spaces suitable for even the most demanding clients.


The intelligent office spaces situated on three floors of the Savoy 2A building are specially intended for small and medium-sized tenants. This is indicated in the connection of easily adaptable office spaces with the services of a typical business environment. They replicate the requirements of a client exactly according to his own ideas, so that they satisfy even companies with a minimal number of employees. The tenants in these variable spaces and their clients can at the same time use the complete features of the floors – conference spaces, kitchen, toilets, a shower and also other services of a typical business centre, such as the reception desk, for example, the underground parking, or the 24-hour guard service.

Tenants of Savoy 2A also have, aside from parking in the Carlton garage, VIP parking directly under the Savoy 2A building.

Floor plans

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Ground floor       342.77    
1. floor806.62
2. floor806.42
3. floor805.32
4. floor805.41
5. floor804.72
6. floor805.18
7. floor803.38
Office space total6 078.45



For Savoy Offices maximum comfort and top-notch services are characteristic. Their technical design offers maximum flexibility and thus satisfies even the most demanding requirements for functionality and operation.

Maximum flexibility of office spaces

444 parking places in two underground garages

Possibility of parking bicycles in the underground garage

Disabled-accessible entrance, 24-hour reception desk and security service
Designing of an interior as a standard component of the offered services

Optical fibre, a backup diesel generator, independent metering of electricity, water and heat consumption

A card-access system supported by a system of industrial cameras

Selected hotel services (cleaning, dry-cleaning, master bill) are available to all tenants

The central heating and air-conditioning systems consist of four-path air-conditioning units and a central ventilation system

Canals and boxes for cables under the floor (approximately 1:10 m2) for flexible cabling systems

Fully openable windows, natural lighting and ventilation, interior blinds, quality floor coverings, modern equipped kitchen units, shower

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