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Current Exhibition

The Savoy Gallery is presenting a selection of works by Ashot Haas, one of the most noteworthy and successful young artists who focuses on a broad range of visual arts ranging from light objects and glass sculptures and reliefs, through specific paintings and graphic arts, to sculptural and designer interior and exterior creations.

Ashot Haas’ visual expression is primarily based on geometric abstraction, clear-cut positions of op-art and kinetic art, and inclines toward minimalist forms and moderate to ascetic coloring, only occasionally intertwined by eruptive explosions of color or cascades of light. By combining exact thinking, imagination and creativity with modern and innovative technologies and fine materials into a perfect technical rendition, Ashot Haas creates through his works a convincing illusion of the virtual world and new hitherto unknown dimensions.His light objects, glass sculptures and reliefs, sprayed paintings on a 3-dimensional canvas, relief paintings and magical sérigraphies fom the cycle SUN (2015), which are an authorial post-production of the images of the Sun taken by the Hubble telescope, open new and unexpected perspectives in the viewer's visual and intellectual perception.

The Savoy Gallery will showcase a selection of his sunny impressions SUN, works from the cycle RESONANCE OF SOUND where he fused the resonance of sound with light effects into shiny Plexiglas reliefs, spray paintings from the cycle EXPLOSION, an extremely powerful and dynamic and pulsating optical interplay of geometric shapes on a three-dimensional image, and the metallic relief paintings from the cycle RELIEF PAINT. The audience can also enjoy his exceptional solitaire light objects and brilliant glass statues, which earned him international recognition.

The author lives in Bratislava and focuses on a wide range of artistic creations in scope of design, sculpture, glass art, painting and graphic arts. He belongs to the most successful authors of his generation and has a number of individual and collective exhibitions.

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